Top 4 Must-See Travel Destinations

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Think carefully about what experiences you want from your trip - are you daydreaming about relaxing on a beach with a book, or do you envision exploring on safari?

Seasonal considerations should also play a factor in your decisions, so choose destinations accessible during an appropriate time of year for you.

Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is renowned for its picturesque beaches, delectable cuisine, rich history, and culture - it makes sense that Southeast Asia would be popular among travelers. No matter if you're seeking adventure such as skydiving or trekking backcountry trails; or just simply relaxing by the ocean - Southeast Asia has something to offer everyone.

Southeast Asia is an affordable travel destination. While Western Europe or Australia might seem more costly in comparison, Southeast Asia provides easy transport with budget airlines and established bus/train systems at much-reduced costs.

Additionally, most countries in the region are safe for tourists; however, pickpocketing and petty theft do occur, particularly in busy tourist areas. Be wary to keep your bags zipped shut and your valuables secure when riding public transportation.

Southeast Asia is famed for its rich culture. Each country in this region has its own distinct food, language, religion, and customs that add depth and dimension to your travel experience. You will also find locals friendly and accommodating; they will go out of their way to assist.

Southeast Asia is best visited between April and August when its climate is most pleasant. Beaches will not be overcrowded with tourists and you can experience its hot, sunny temperatures without overcrowdedness.

Another great aspect of Southeast Asia is its abundance of tropical islands. From party islands such as Boracay and Ko Lanta in the Philippines to serene, quiet beaches like Bali in Indonesia, there's something special waiting for every traveler here.

Planning a trip to Southeast Asia may seem intimidating, but it doesn't need to be. By breaking it down into manageable chunks and prioritizing essential information, you can begin your adventure vacation planning. Whether backpacking across all of Southeast Asia or just visiting one country on holiday - this guide is here to help you start! So get packing!

South America

South America enchants travelers with its mesmerizing natural landscapes and vibrant cities, from dense jungle to white-sand beaches and from volcanoes to glacier-covered mountains; South America holds something magical for every traveler's imagination.

Colombia has long been one of South America's favorite tourism destinations, and Cartagena stands as a striking testament to its Spanish colonial legacy. Take a jeep ride out to one of Minca (for waterfall hikes), Palomino, or Cabo de la Vela Beach towns from here - or head onward to Lima in Peru where you can visit Nazca Lines, Arequipa, and Colca Canyon before trekking the Inca Trail all the way to Machu Picchu!

Colombia offers travelers much and has grown increasingly safe since the days of drug cartels and narco-traffic were at their height several decades ago. While larger cities should still exercise some degree of caution when traveling there, Colombia's welcoming local people, beautiful national parks, and staggering natural wonders will draw them back again and again.

Ecuador is another country with much to offer and quickly climbing the ranks among international visitors. From towering active volcanoes and lush Amazon cloud forests to Andean highland lakes and delicious Andean cuisine-influenced cuisine, Ecuador boasts something for everyone!

Buenos Aires stands out as an outstanding Latin American city, due to its unique blend of cultures that manifests themselves through music, cuisine, and energy of its residents. Furthermore, this vibrant metropolis boasts beautiful tree-lined boulevards and breathtaking architecture - two hallmarks of excellence that define any great metropolis.

Chile and Argentina remain popular tourist destinations, boasting cities that showcase Latin American architecture, food, and culture at their best. Wine regions in both countries offer exceptional wines to enjoy; Patagonia can also be explored via heli-hiking expedition or kayak. Not to forget its buzzing nightlife scene in Buenos Aires!


Europe is an expansive continent with many must-see spots, but how can you select those most relevant to your travel plans?

Start by thinking about your personal wish list. Do you prefer theater and royal palaces, golf and rugged landscapes,, or perhaps buttery croissants and gorgeous art? Once you understand what interests you most in travel planning, everything else will fall into place seamlessly.

Once you've identified your dream destinations, the next step should be deciding when and how you want to travel. Keep crowds, weather and other potential obstacles out of mind; try mixing big cities with more remote stops for an optimal experience.

Next, dive into your guidebooks and begin studying them. Study pictures read about history, and explore each region you intend to visit before selecting sites to see. Use sticky notes or highlights to help create an understanding of your travel plans and rank must-sees in each location - if traveling with others ask their opinion before prioritizing and ranking sites together - don't forget that travel is all about going back deeper into places you already love and rediscovering what makes them special!

Once you have your list ready, begin planning out your itinerary for European travel. Depending on your travel goals and desires, you may decide to stay in one location for an extended period (e.g. a month or longer) or travel more swiftly through different areas of Europe.

As you prepare for your trip, reach out to Country Walkers Travel Advisors. They are more than willing to share their own European adventures with you; help determine an optimal trip length; recommend the best locations within each region; as well as share local activities and sights worth seeing; as well as handle transportation reservations and tour arrangements so that your vacation goes off without a hitch.


Africa, as the second-largest continent on the globe, offers natural wonders, wildlife safaris and historical tours that span its expanse. Deciding how best to experience this extraordinary place may feel daunting; thankfully numerous travel options may suit your group best; before making a decision consider who is traveling with you and their desired trip type as this will narrow your options further.

Family travel requires considering the needs and ages of all members involved. While Africa can still be visited with children, planning will need to be adjusted more than when traveling alone; for instance, climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro might necessitate planning an expedition through Tanzania that includes both climbing the summit as well as safari trips through world-class wildlife parks such as Serengeti National Park and Ngorongoro Crater.

As with any trip, it is wise to have an idea of your motivations and desired activities when visiting Africa. For instance, if your aim is to witness the big game and explore Africa's wilderness, the best choice may be one with an excellent national park system or private reserves; Cape Town makes an excellent option as it combines bustling urban attractions with outdoor adventures like visiting Djemaa El Fna and hiking Table Mountain - making for an exciting journey indeed!

Weather should also be an important consideration when choosing an Africa destination. While most destinations can be visited all year long, each region offers optimal times for activities like safaris; typically dry seasons offer reduced mosquito populations and other pesky critters that might get in your way!

One of the best ways to explore Africa is on an overland or safari adventure tour, allowing you to see multiple countries quickly in short order and making this an excellent way for first-time travelers who want to maximize their experience of this magnificent continent. Just make sure that your itinerary is carefully considered as these trips may cost more than simply booking a hotel and renting a car.


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