Workplace Zen: Bringing Smile AM to the Office

Smile AM

An office Smile AM environment conducive to serenity can help relieve stress and foster work-life balance, without incurring expensive costs.

Tea at work has long been acknowledged to promote wellness and de-stressing, as well as boost employee focus and productivity. Here are other cost-effective strategies to transform your office into a Zen workspace:

Make the Most of Your Morning Smile AM Break

If you aren't used to getting up early and facing the day head-on, tackling it may feel daunting and stressful. One way to ease this feeling is to make the most of your Smile AM morning break by choosing a productive activity - such as prayer, positive affirmations, stretching, or reading. Instead of engaging in low-effort yet high dopamine activities such as social media checking or Candy Crush gaming during breaks; opt instead for mindful breaks such as prayer, positive affirmations, or reading.

Consider meditation during your break; meditation has proven highly effective at relieving stress, increasing focus, and even helping to lower blood pressure. The Pomodoro Technique is also an excellent time management strategy, breaking up work into 25-minute increments that allow your brain and body to rest between each round of productivity.

Keep items in your workspace that make you smile to encourage a happy atmosphere at work. Photos of family and friends or drawings your children created can remind you to smile throughout the day, while you could sign up for a joke-a-day service or purchase a daily tear-off calendar that delivers something fun right to your desk each day.

Keep a journal where you write down what brings joy into your life - the things that bring a smile or make you laugh, for instance. Gradually, you may begin recognizing patterns and taking deliberate steps towards seeking these experiences out. Or take time out each day to appreciate all the positive things in your life: family members, achievements, or material possessions.

Practice a Mindful Morning Routine

An office environment can often leave employees feeling scattered and stressed out, which makes creating a space that embodies Zen essential to maintaining productivity and creating a more positive work experience overall. By giving employees space where they can relax from daily stressors and rediscover focus on the work tasks at hand. Employees will become better prepared to manage challenges effectively and make sound decisions, creating an overall more pleasant workplace atmosphere.

Meditation is a cornerstone of Zen philosophy and has long been utilized as a form of treatment for anxiety, depression, stress and sleep problems. Offering employees the chance to meditate at work helps promote a healthier work-life balance and ultimately results in higher productivity and morale levels.

Water plays an integral part in Zen practices and can serve as an energy source of peace and serenity, so adding a water feature at work can have a great impact on employee well-being. SnackNation's Culver City HQ features a twenty-foot tranquility waterfall which employees love for its calming effects; alternatively, there are plenty of budget-friendly solutions like Nature's Mark's mini desk waterfall which provide similar results.

Greenery in the office can help improve mood and relieve stress, with plants offering pleasant scents while simultaneously improving air quality in the workspace. Denver-based software company Solidfire even provides on-demand massage services through Soothe for their employees to foster mindfulness and well-being at work.

An effective way to promote happiness is to smile more frequently. Keep a smile journal and log all the things that made you laugh outright throughout your day - you may discover which triggers happy emotions and use these events as reminders to smile at work!

Take a Break for a Smile

Modern workplaces can often be busy and hectic environments for employees to work in. This type of culture often leaves workers feeling overwhelmed with their responsibilities and leads to increased stress levels, ultimately leading to a lack of focus. By creating an office inspired by Zen philosophy, employees may be better able to maintain balance within their work lives and enjoy working there more often.

An unconventional office environment can foster creativity and productivity. By creating an aesthetically pleasing space that encourages calmness and serenity, employees may come up with innovative ideas or solutions not possible in more conventional offices.

Meditation is a key component of Zen practice. Offering workplace meditation rooms can rejuvenate time-crunched employees while also helping them stay focused on their tasks and reduce stress during working hours. Although some individuals find it hard to meditate throughout their busy day, mobile devices equipped with meditation apps may provide an easy solution.

Smiling can have a significant impact on how others perceive you. Studies have proven that when we smile, our brain releases endorphins which make us happier; so why not aim to smile more throughout your day?

Smiling can also benefit your physical health - it can lower the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes as well as lessen cancer risks. So start smiling more today!

Practice Self-Care

Self-care can be challenging to start up and maintain once it starts; managers especially may find it hard to adopt this behavior themselves and can find themselves hearing employees complain of feeling overwhelmed and stressed when their schedules don't permit it. However, leaders need to set an example to inspire their teams.

Employers can start by encouraging individuals to use apps that support prioritizing health and well-being at work. Employers could also host events aimed at physical and emotional wellbeing such as mindfulness or yoga classes; this would enable employees to take some time out for themselves in terms of mental and physical wellness - leaving them feeling more energised at work ready to face whatever challenges come their way!

Employers can support employees' self-care efforts by setting realistic work hours. While staying late to complete urgent tasks is necessary from time to time, having set work hours that employees adhere to will help them feel more in control of their schedule and will prevent worrying about work when not at work.

An excellent way to encourage self-care at work is through offering health and wellness benefits such as free gym memberships, discounts on healthy food deliveries, or access to online exercise/movement classes. By doing this, you can ensure your workforce remains happy and healthy - thus improving productivity.


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