Embracing the Smile AM Lifestyle

Smile AM

One sure way to brighten someone's day is to smile at them. Smiling brings happiness and joy into our world!

Pick something you come across frequently throughout your day as your smile cue, such as hearing the phone ring or receiving an email notification beep, or seeing something such as an image on your desk calendar that serves as your smile reminder.

Key Principles of Living Stress-Free

An AM Smile has the power to transform lives and brighten people up, no matter who or where they come from. Smiling releases endorphins - chemicals that produce feelings of well-being - that help overcome stressful situations or alleviate pain. So go watch some comedy for some laughs!

A healthy diet and regular physical activity are crucial elements to well-being, but spiritual beliefs or practices can serve as an anchor during life's challenging moments. This book details how our spiritual orientation can have a powerful impact on our well-being, forming an essential support network we can turn to when life challenges us.

HCPs were particularly impressed with SMILE because it allowed them to focus on lifestyle promotion in clients living with SMI, an aspect they felt had often been forgotten. Furthermore, SMILE wasn't simply focused on weight loss but instead prioritized improving the overall quality of life through exercising, stress reduction, and nutrition improvements.

They found it rewarding to collaborate with clients in group settings and found it easier for them to incorporate lifestyle changes into their daily routines when doing it together. One challenge they encountered while conducting AM SMILE sessions - which took 2 hours weekly for six months - was the time commitment.

1. AM Smile More

Smiling can be contagious, boost our feelings, and make us seem more approachable - yet for some of us it may not come easily. That doesn't mean we need to force it, but rather look for opportunities to add authentic smiles into daily activities naturally and organically.

An effective way to do this is to observe people who naturally smile. Find someone you admire, such as a friend or colleague, and observe when and why they smile naturally. Also important: noting the reason(s) why they smile: for instance when something causes laughter? Or is their smile polite?

Start each day right by starting it off right - by flashing yourself and others a smile, that simple act can set the tone for your entire day and remind us all to smile more often throughout it!

Stay reminded to smile by creating smile-inducing cues around your home, office, and car that remind you to smile more often - such as notes posted in work areas or smiley-face images on computer screens and phones. Having these reminders around may help increase how often you do.

Make life more enjoyable by adding humor to your every day activities by subscribing to a joke-a-day email, buying a laugh calendar, watching comedic videos or movies with family and friends or scheduling laughter sessions with them - laughter is good for the body and can help reduce stress levels!1

3. Eat Healthy

Embarrassed smiles differ from happy ones and usually last shorter. When people become embarrassed, their bodies often respond by tightening up on the zygomaticus major muscle which then causes the head to move uncomfortably,; it's an unhealthy form of repression.

To eat healthier, it's important to identify your motivations for making changes and make changes that you can maintain over time. Focusing on the benefits of healthier eating may provide additional motivation to continue on this path. To assist with this endeavor, mental health HCPs including nurses, experts-by-experience and social workers participated in the SMILE intervention and assisted patients on this journey.

5. Take Care of Yourself

Smiling is an incredible form of expression. It shows your willingness to change and show vulnerability while at the same time helping reduce stress, improve health and enhance love lives - it's an easy yet effective way to make a positive change in the world.

Smiles release dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins into your brain that can reduce stress effects while simultaneously lowering heart rate and strengthening immunity - so it makes perfect sense why smiling is such an effective antidote to anxiety and depression.

Laughter, which often goes hand-in-hand with smiling, can be an excellent natural stress reliever and may help protect against heart disease. Humor and positive thinking can also improve your mood while strengthening your immunity systems.

Life is short and we only get one chance at doing what truly matters most in this lifetime. Focus on living a happy and healthy lifestyle to enjoy every moment as life slips away. Make time for activities you enjoy doing with friends and family members, stay active by being active yourself, eating healthily, and drinking water - it will give you more reasons to smile - not forgetting regular dental check-ups as part of this plan!


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