Morning Art: Creative Expression Before Coffee

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Coffee has long been seen as a source of creativity among creators, and this blog explores this intriguing connection between art and coffee.

Runge included The Morning as part of an ambitious painting project he considered his "gesamtkunstwerk." His Tageszeiten paintings represent each season and stage in life.


Doodling can help bring out your artistic side and add an inspiring element to your daily routine. Though often perceived as signs of distraction or lack of focus, research shows doodling as an invaluable way of improving memory and cognitive functioning.

Establishing a regular creative activity habit helps build creative practices while breaking through any potential blocks to creativity such as hectic schedules, young children, pressing work deadlines, or family responsibilities. Doing so is also key in developing your creative practices and overcoming barriers such as busyness or dependency of other family members on you.

Doodles can be an enjoyable way to enhance hand-eye coordination, motor skills, and focus. Doodles are also a wonderful way to relieve stress and bring smiles! These adorable coffee doodles make great additions to menus or advertisements for cafes or coffee shops as well as invitations or invitations featuring coffee beans, cups, and beverages!


Painting can be an enjoyable way to unleash your artistic side and add some creativity to your morning routine, as well as increase positivity, creativity, focus, and more! In fact, many successful people set aside time in the morning specifically for creative pursuits like painting before undertaking more mundane business tasks - having this dedicated time can help keep art goals at the forefront of mind all day long and keep motivation high in keeping up with regular practice sessions!

Caffeine can either help or hinder creativity depending on how it affects you personally. While some find that caffeine enhances their creative thinking process, others may experience adverse side effects like shaky hands or an increase in heartbeat rate. Experimentation is key here - some may prefer tea or energy drinks instead of coffee to get their caffeine fix without experiencing negative side effects.

Though some artists have reported finding coffee can help inspire their creativity, it's essential to keep in mind that your painting environment can have a huge impact on how productive you are. Painting in a relaxing yet familiar place can help inspire and enable problem-solving during creative processes; while enjoying an enjoyable cup of coffee can help focus and facilitate decision-making more easily.

This painting from this period exemplified the principles of Pictorialism--an emphasis on expressive rather than narrative content; craftsmanship in execution; and compositional influence from Impressionist and American Tonalist painting as well as popular Japanese prints. Its depiction of domesticated nature symbolizes its rejection from urban life and retreat into a symbolic landscape.


Drawing is one of the best ways to unleash creative energy. Your own self-doubt may be the greatest obstacle in terms of unleashing creativity; to overcome that you just have to sit down and begin drawing without worrying too much about making mistakes or mistakes occurring in later on. Drawing first thing in the morning may help make breaking through to good ideas easier as time progresses.

Many artists start their days by sketching or drawing before even taking a sip of coffee, as this practice helps clear their minds and develop ideas that will inspire them in the studio.

Philipp Otto Runge was a German Romantic artist known for creating this image to express his personal interpretation of sunrise and capture its exact impact on him. His art embodies Pictorialism ideals - expressive rather than descriptive content with craftsmanship and composition inspired by Impressionist, American Tonalist, and Japanese prints.

Engage in any form of creative expression

Coffee has long been recognized for its stimulating effects that fuel creativity. Famous creative figures like Ernest Hemingway and Pablo Picasso often found inspiration in coffee. Additionally, coffee was instrumental in sparking revolutionary art movements like poetry slams.

No matter if it be writing emails, decorating cakes, or using your saw and planer to craft recycled wooden beds out of old roof joists; engaging in any form of creative expression before starting your daily routine is an invaluable practice that can give your life purpose and meaning while breaking the cycle of self-doubt that often prevents creativity from flowing freely.


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