In Pursuit of the AM Smile - Uncovering the Little Things That Bring Happiness

AM Smile

Once we experience the AM Smile, our thoughts often turn toward how long it will last and where our next goals should lie. But it's important to remember that happiness is a journey not an endpoint.

Create a list of all of the beautiful little things that bring you happiness, to help appreciate this moment and incorporate more simple pleasures into your daily routine.

1. The smell of coffee

Coffee's scent is one of the most comforting aromas around; it brings memories of cozy coffee shops and heartfelt conversations with loved ones to mind. Additionally, coffee serves as an effective morning ritual that awakens our senses and sets an optimistic tone for our day ahead.

Roasting beans releases Caffeol, an aroma-enhancing chemical. According to studies, inhaling coffee aroma can actually improve both mood and memory - thus justifying the idiom "wake up and smell the coffee!"

Routine is a key contributor to happiness, offering a sense of stability and security. Coffee's aroma may help enhance focus as evidence suggests it improves performance on analytical tasks.

2. The sound of rain

Rain can be an evocative reminder that even through difficult times there will be sunshine once again.

Raindrops bring back fond memories of childhood playtime - when we ran around outside in the rain splashing in puddles and playing. Researchers have even discovered that being active outside in the rain increases your happiness levels!

Raindrops can create an emotional impact through art, especially in cinematography and visual storytelling. Rain also serves as an inspiring creative catalyst, providing the ideal backdrop for writing or painting activities and even meditation practices.

3. The sight of a flower

Flowers can bring joy in a simple yet effective manner. Smiling is one of the best ways to feel happy because it releases natural endorphins that create feelings of euphoria and positivity, while smiling also reduces stress levels and strengthens immune systems by stimulating brain releases oxytocin, an important hormone which promotes trusting behaviors among its recipients.

Are you seeking ways to add joy and happiness into your life? Aiming at practicing gratitude could help, as doing this will allow you to notice the small things in life which bring pleasure. Additionally, practicing this positive approach could lead to more peace and fulfillment in your daily routines.

4. The sight of a bird

Birds have long been seen as a symbol of joy and happiness across cultures and folklores worldwide. From their beautiful colors and magical melodies, to reminding us to spend more time outdoors which has been proven to increase happiness levels, birds serve as reminders that help increase joy.

Bluebirds can serve as powerful symbols of happiness in our daily lives. While their bright feathers look beautiful against sunlight, once out of it they disappear into their surroundings.

Take your own bluebird joy on an exciting birdwatching walk with friends or family - it will elevate your serotonin levels, make you happy instantly, and you may even spot rare species! Bring binoculars; bluebirds won't vanish anytime soon!

5. The sight of a sunset

Watching a sunset can be one of the most calming activities you can do, helping you to feel calm and peaceful as well as giving you time to think about what matters to you in life and unwind from a long day.

Studies show that viewing beauty can actually boost your mood and help make you a more generous individual, so take time out when feeling down to enjoy nature's splendor. Take pictures and post them on Instagram - those memories will bring happiness all day long! - Author, Black Boy Smile. In his memoir, Watkins explores how generational hardship leads to toxic masculinity - an essential read for all men looking to build careers within this field and an invaluable contribution to ongoing dialogue around gender, identity and race in America.

6. The sight of a rainbow

Rainbows are stunning natural phenomena that evoke joy, reminding us that no matter how dark and dismal life seems, there is always hope for a brighter tomorrow. Rainbows also symbolize love, diversity and acceptance - showing us all that we're connected and capable of overcoming any hurdle in our way.

Some believe rainbows are signs from angels indicating positive change is imminent; others see rainbows as messages from soul mates who have passed on.

Rainbows form when sunlight reflects off water droplets in raindrops. No two people experience identical rainbows; everyone has an antisolar point unique to themselves that determines which rainbow they see. Therefore, your rainbow experience is completely personal!

7. The sight of a sunset

Sunsets are spectacular events that remind us to stop and appreciate nature's magnificence, as well as to keep looking ahead and remember that no matter how difficult our day may have been, tomorrow brings new opportunities and we can start fresh again.

Scientists believe that witnessing sunsets can increase generosity and compassion towards others. This occurs because seeing beautiful scenery stimulates the brain's pineal gland, which secretes serotonin and melatonin -- two feel-good hormones -- into our system.

Assuring you can enjoy the vibrant hues of sunset is ideal. Air pollution and dust tend to limit wavelengths of light that reach our atmosphere, thus lessening its color intensity. Fall and winter months offer ideal viewing conditions; for more on how sunsets work click here.

8. The sight of a rainbow

Rainbows are beautiful symbols of hope and promise, as well as reminders of God's promise made to Noah that the world would never again be destroyed by disaster.

Scientists understand that rainbows are formed when sunlight enters raindrops and is dispersed and refracted within them, dispersing into wavelengths with longer ones appearing as red while shorter wavelengths take on blue or violet hues. We can remember its colors using the mnemonic "ROY G. BIV: red, orange, yellow, green, blue indigo violet".

Rainbows can often be seen as signs of good things to come; for some they even represent soul mate connections or messages from loved ones who have passed. Unfortunately, however, rainbows may also symbolize death and change.

9. The sight of a rainbow

The rainbow is an emblem of hope and promises better times ahead. It reminds us to remain optimistic that things will get better after any storm, and to appreciate life while it lasts.

Rainbows form when sunlight passes through raindrops and is refracted and reflected back from within them, producing an image which appears red on its outer edge and blue within. As each color shines brighter than its neighboring hue, rainbows may take shape.

Rainbows are often associated with good fortune, since they represent the pots of gold that leprechauns guard. Furthermore, rainbows may serve as a message from loved ones who have passed on that they are alright and their loved ones know we care. Being passionate like red, creative like orange, generous like green, trust worthy like blue and sincere like indigo will result in your emotions creating their own rainbow within yourself.

10. The sight of a rainbow

Studies continue on the psychology of color, but most agree that colors can have an influence on one's mood. Red can make people angry or excited while green has been linked with health and renewal.

Rainbows are natural phenomenon that occur when sunlight and atmospheric conditions come together at just the right moment, created by water droplets acting like mini prisms that bend sunlight as it travels from air into denser water, dissecting light into its various wavelengths (colors).

From the ground, rainbows appear as an arc above the horizon, yet each observer sees it at different antisolar points resulting in slightly different rainbow arcs.


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