What Is Entertainment News?

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Entertainment news is a form of journalism that covers personalities and their activities through reporting, discussing, and evaluating media coverage. Entertainment journalism often includes ethical values that guide its practice.

George Clooney stars as legendary CBS reporter Edward R. Murrow in this compelling biopic, which explores broadcast journalism during turbulent 1950s America.

From Movies to Celebrity Gossip

Entertainment news covers everything related to film, music, television, and celebrity gossip. It is typically reported by dedicated media outlets. Content includes information regarding forthcoming movie releases, TV show premieres, and album launches as well as breaking celebrity scandals or rumors.

There have been various allegations and cases that suggest an absence of ethical values within entertainment journalism, this paper will take a close look at these incidents as well as evaluate if their perception that ethics are lacking within this industry is justified or not.

Journalism exists to inform the public of issues in society and enable informed decision-making, therefore accurate and objective reporting is of vital importance. Unfortunately, media outlets appear to have fallen short in this respect due to infiltration by individuals and groups with political agendas influencing coverage.

Another contributing factor is the media's indifference to certain issues. This has resulted in the erosion of credibility and trust within the public for traditional news sources; more people are turning towards alternative sources as their news source of choice.

There are numerous movies about journalists. These movies range from dramatic depictions of major breaking news stories such as All the President's Men and Spotlight to 20th century classics such as Citizen Kane and The Post. All these movies provide viewers with an intimate look into newsroom life while showing how difficult it can be to cover stories that transform history - they also demonstrate just how powerful written language can be.

Broadcast News

"A picture speaks a thousand words." When telling a news story effectively, video can often enhance it in ways words alone cannot. Broadcast journalists work both behind the camera as reporters and anchors as well as behind it all as producers; depending on their type of broadcast they may cover topics as diverse as politics, entertainment sports weather social unrest economics etc.

As examples of journalism in action, reporters interview victims of sexual violence for in-depth reports or weather forecasters provide updates on an impending natural disaster. Broadcast journalists not only oversee daily production of newscasts but are often responsible for planning and gathering background information for stories they cover as well as writing scripts, headlines and operating the teleprompter.

Under Federal Communications Commission regulations, broadcasters have an obligation to present accurate, timely and balanced newscasts. If you feel a broadcaster has misled you in any way, the FCC encourages consumers to file an online complaint against it; such complaints must include call sign and community of license of station(s), an account of what happened, transcript or recording of broadcast and evidence that information intentionally mislead or falsified was provided in their complaint.


Local news reporting can be cutthroat, with ratings often driving exploitation and ratings-driven exploitation forcing freelance cameramen into dangerous pursuits in search of violent crime and car accident footage that "bleeds". Dan Gilroy's directorial debut delves deep into this morbid vocation through Jake Gyllenhaal as Lou Bloom, an unscrupulous self-taught videographer whose livelihood relies upon documenting atrocities for television broadcast.

Gyllenhaal's powerful performance as Bloom, an unlikable sociopath who uses people around him for personal gain, elevates this movie beyond being simply captivating.

Though the movie does feature some shocking violence, it isn't gratuitous - making it suitable for families. Additionally, this dark yet fascinating look at how media manipulates public opinion for its own gain makes for compelling viewing and should definitely not be missed!

Kurt Wagner stands out amongst his X-Men teammates due to his more unattractive mutant powers; yet, his character remains endearing despite these less-than-attractive abilities. That probably contributed to his immense popularity; when it came to romance he's been linked to multiple women including Kitty Pryde, Tabitha Smith, and Amanda Sefton; yet none have become his one true love yet; nonetheless, it can be said he stands as one of the best performers amongst his fellow colleagues and hopefully soon he'll find his true happiness sooner rather than later!


A spotlight is a strong beam of light used to focus attention on something, such as an individual on stage. By drawing others' attention to it, something that had previously gone overlooked can come into focus; for example, budget crises bring this issue into light.

Snapchat Spotlight is an innovative search platform where users can discover videos submitted by businesses and creators for a chance at being showcased on its tab. According to Snapchat, they created Spotlight as a means of rewarding creativity regardless of follower count or profile access.

Spotlight content must be entertaining, not political or newsy, with quality as the priority. Snapchat moderators review all submissions before being featured on the tab; additionally, Snapchat limits submissions during certain time frames to maintain quality control.


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