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Morning Weather Forecast provides you with all of the latest local news each morning. Additionally, it shows current conditions as well as five-day weather predictions.

By checking the weather forecast in the morning, you can make informed decisions about your day and your travel plans. In fact, some people find that they can save money by knowing what the weather will be like before they set out on their trips.

Getting a good weather forecast can help you avoid unexpected trips to the store and save money on hotel stays. It can also help you plan what type of clothing you will need to wear for a given event, such as a birthday party or a family reunion.

How Checking the Forecast Can Help You Plan Your Day

An early morning weather forecast can give you an instantaneous snapshot of what the day holds in store for you, from temperature and humidity levels to wind speeds and more. These details will allow you to plan how to dress for it or reschedule outdoor activities as needed. Knowing that highs will likely exceed the average and possibly include rain or snow could prompt you to bring an umbrella when heading outdoors.

Attracting the weather forecast on your phone is an invaluable way to plan for outdoor adventures like hiking. Being aware of relative humidity levels will allow you to better anticipate whether a day will be warm and sunny or humid and uncomfortable.

Skiing or snowboarding in the winter and spring mountains requires knowledge of what kind of weather to expect, both as a skier or boarder and an observer. Checking weather forecasts is important because it allows you to gain awareness of things like avalanche risk which could increase or decrease depending on recent weather events.

The National Weather Service offers hourly weather graphs as an invaluable resource, giving an idea of what's in store throughout your day. Accessing this information is simple; all it takes to reach it is scrolling down on the current conditions page and clicking Hourly Forecast under More Information, or mobile device users clicking Weather Radar icon and choosing their time period; thereafter a weather graph will display information such as temperature, wind speed, chance of precipitation and more.

It’s a Timeless Search

Weather forecasts are an integral part of life, and checking them frequently is an integral part of many people's daily routines. Not only can checking them help inform you on what the day holds in store for you; but it's also an enjoyable activity that you can do with children to teach them how to read the sky and understand its implications.

Rain has continued to fall this morning, with most areas receiving over half an inch of precipitation; certain locations, especially those in eastern Travis and Williamson Counties have seen one inch or more. By early afternoon the rain should begin dissipating into clear skies.

Tonight brings with it a cold front that brings with it northwest winds, and highs will range from the low 50s in Hill Country to mid/upper 50s along and east of 35. Lows at midnight will fall between the upper 30s and lower 40s in rural areas.

KXAN First Warning Weather team is keeping an eye out for a possible tornado outbreak this evening and providing updates as necessary. Keep checking this page and our social media pages for the latest information. Due to heavy rainfall and localized flooding conditions, a Flood Advisory remains in effect until 11 am this morning in Bastrop, Northern and Western Lee Counties as well as Eastern Williamson.

It’s a Great Way to Start Your Day

At the start of many days, many people begin their day by checking the weather forecast. This gives an idea of what you can expect throughout the day so you can plan appropriately; for instance, if it rains you might choose an indoor activity instead of hiking through woods; or on sunny days perhaps going for a swim or having lunch outdoors might be ideal.

As well as considering temperatures and chances of precipitation, there are other things you can look out for in a forecast that can help predict the weather. One key indicator is watching cloud movement: If low-moving clouds congregate together and low, this indicates bad weather; otherwise, it indicates clear weather coming soon.

Keep an eye out for lightning. If a warning has been issued in your area, take precautions and stay indoors if there's a lightning warning. Wind can also pose danger; strong gusts of air could make walking or driving difficult and cause damage to trees and powerlines.

Installing a weather app is one way to stay informed about the environment. AccuWeather offers several apps for smartphones, tablets, and computers that provide accurate weather updates from local television channels, radio stations, and newspapers; you can even get alerts of severe events like flash floods. Search "AccuWeather" in your app store!


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