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Reading can be a wonderful form of self-care. Dedicating an entire Sunday to reading an entire book can help to relax you and reduce stress levels.

Baking can be a fun and productive hobby that helps relax you. By crafting delicious treats just for yourself or others, baking offers you an unforgettable treat!

1. Take a Bath

Start off your Sunday right and relax after a stressful week with a soothing bath, ideal for unwinding after just the right touch: play some relaxing music and add in aromatherapy oils for extra pampering.

Make time this week to cook yourself a special meal that you wouldn't typically have time to make; not only is this a special treat for yourself, but it can help reduce stress and anxiety as well.

Exercise can help to both keep us physically healthy and boost our moods. From strolls around your neighborhood or attending yoga classes, find something enjoyable that you can make part of your Sunday ritual and do it regularly - Made You Smile Back has some suggestions.

2. Drink a Cup of Tea

Take time out during your Sunday morning routine to sit back, sip slowly and mindfully and fully appreciate every sip or sip of beverage you take - without just quickly downing them all without truly tasting and appreciating what the beverage has to offer!

Stride out on a long walk, practice some yoga, or go hiking! Recharging and getting some fresh air are great ways to help refocus the mind and replenish energy stores in the body.

Make this Sunday your time to disconnect from technology and reconnect with nature, whether that means taking a hike, practicing mindfulness meditation, stretching, journaling, journal writing or practicing a new hobby! Start the week right! Self-care Sunday is about finding things that bring us joy so why wait any longer to start making time for self-care Sunday?

3. Meditate

Meditation can help calm your mind, promote self-awareness and clear away stressors for the week ahead. Meditation may consist of simple breathing exercises or more elaborate approaches such as guided visualization - find one that resonates with you and stick with it!

Cluttered spaces reflect our mental states; thus cleaning and organizing can give your mind a boost while activating motor coordination and adaptability. As an added benefit, this self-care activity also increases motor coordination.

Start each day off right by engaging in a brain dump to release all those thoughts and feelings onto paper. This self-care practice reduces stress, enhances concentration and productivity, supports better sleep quality, and can even set an intention for the day; such as being grateful for small things such as smiling baristas. Or take things a step further by keeping a gratitude journal where you focus on more grandiose ideas like living a healthy lifestyle!

4. Go for a Walk

Some may prefer starting their day by watching a sunrise; others might opt for an outdoor hike instead. Either way, these activities provide an invaluable chance to connect with nature and clear one's mind.

Exercise has long been recognized for its ability to boost moods, reduce stress and anxiety levels, increase self-awareness and happiness, and lead to better sleep and physical health. A daily fitness regime may even help lead to improved physical health outcomes!

Spending time with friends can be an uplifting and energetic boost. From coffee dates and wine nights to intimate gatherings like dinner with close acquaintances or simply making time for yourself on Sunday to meet with others and build bonds, spending time socially can increase happiness and strengthen bonds between individuals. A good self-care Sunday routine should always include some form of social engagement; remember you cannot help others until your cup is full!

5. Read a Book

Reading can help you feel grounded and relaxed - whether it's the latest Young Adult bestseller or a guide on self-care! Reading can help keep your brain active, relieve stress, and boost creativity - plus it can be done anywhere - even on your phone!

Reading can also provide the opportunity to expand your horizons and try something different. Add reading something out-of-the-ordinary like an entirely different genre or writing style into your Sunday ritual for an instant creative boost and perhaps discover some surprising facts about yourself!

Journaling can go hand-in-hand with reading. Take the time to set aside time for yourself to write in your gratitude journal, creative free-write, or start the story you've always wanted to write - even just jotting down ideas can be therapeutic and relaxing! When the time is right, come back later and read your journal; you'll be glad you took the time.

6. Watch a Movie

Watching a movie is the ideal way to unwind and take a break from all the busyness in life! Take this chance to switch off and just take yourself away for a little bit!

Are you an artist? Consider picking up a new hobby - trying something completely unfamiliar can be both enjoyable and relaxing!

"Laughter truly is the best medicine!" Create a fun, positive routine to ensure you take time for self-care regularly - Sunday morning self-care sessions will leave you feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and prepared to face another week!

7. Go for a Massage

An expert body massage or just taking some time for self-care on Sunday morning can be the key to relieving stress and pain while feeling amazing! A quality body massage will not only reduce tension but it'll feel amazing too.

Wake up slowly and allow both your mind and body to adjust on its own time. Don't feel pressured into starting your day quickly by checking messages, social feeds or emails immediately upon waking.

Make the most of your Sunday afternoon to explore new parts of town or start that hobby you have been putting off. Learning something new is an engaging way to pass the time while keeping your brain stimulated; additionally, it's also a great way to use your hands and imagination while relieving stress - plus it's fun! Even something as small as visiting a museum can provide both relaxation and education opportunities!

8. Eat a Healthy Breakfast

No matter your breakfast preference, every Sunday morning should include something delicious - be it waffles, oatmeal, or even an amazing smoothie!

Make an effort to enjoy your morning cup of tea or water mindfully; it will set the right tone for the rest of your day. Even small actions like this can have an enormously positive effect.

No matter where or when it's practiced, moving your body for self-care can give your energy boost for the week and keep it happy and healthy - two victories in one! So feel free to get up and move. Get dancing or take up a yoga class. Whatever works for you is just fine - so get moving now and keep moving your body for self-care.

9. Go for a Walk

An afternoon stroll or an urban hiking experience are excellent ways to breathe fresh air, get exercise, clear your head, relax, and refocus energy for the week ahead.

Another effective self-care Sunday activity is watching inspiring videos that make you happy, such as speeches or humorous commercials that will put a smile on your face.

Lastly, if gardening is something you enjoy doing on Sundays, why not spend some time planting or tending it? Gardening can be a relaxing activity you can enjoy alone or with family and friends; just remember to set aside enough time from technology so you can truly take pleasure from one of the best self-care Sunday ideas!

10. Listen to Music

Listening to music can be an incredible way to unwind, whether that means spa music, 80's throwbacks, rap/pop hits, or other genres that you enjoy listening to - whatever makes you happy, just plug your headphones in and find an audio genre that brings joy!

Experience something new this Sunday by learning something new - not only will this help relieve stress levels but can be very therapeutic too!

Test out an unfamiliar genre or genres you haven't explored before; or listen to music you have but have yet to fully appreciate. It can be surprising just how similar seemingly dissimilar genres can influence each other; light opera can bleed into rock music while oldies-sampling hip-hop transforms into ska. Notice how the instruments work together not just melodically, but also harmonically and mood-wise.


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