Smile AM Habits for a Happier Morning

Smile AM

Beginning a rewarding and productive Smile AM day requires having a positive outlook and practicing good habits. Adopt "Smile AM" routines into your routine and watch happiness and productivity increase!

Begin your day on the right foot by starting with a nutritious and filling breakfast, followed by stretching exercises to increase blood circulation and oxygen.

1. Exercise

Exercising in the morning can set the tone for a stress-free and positive day, by relieving anxiety, improving mood, and increasing energy levels. Furthermore, exercising can also reduce blood pressure by decreasing cortisol levels.

Exercise can also help clear your mind and foster a sense of achievement; so make sure this habit becomes part of your daily life!

Exercise in the morning can also help eliminate digital distractions that threaten to undermine your happiness, such as Twitter rants, news articles, or negative YouTube comments. Instead, focus on creating a mindful practice to add purposeful purposefulness into your morning and prevent injuries caused by carrying groceries and tying shoes - plus prevent injuries due to repetitive motions like carrying groceries!

2. Take a Moment to Be Thankful

Practice gratitude to change your perspective from seeing life as half full to seeing all its many gifts and achievements. Being thankful also contributes to better sleep at night as being grateful causes physiological responses that activate the parasympathetic nervous system and induce relaxation and restfulness.

Start each day right by acknowledging and appreciating something you are grateful for, from coffee and shelter, to scent and taste sensations you find pleasing - this can help set your day off right, leaving it stress-free and full of positive vibes!

3. Listen to Music

While musicians tend to enjoy practicing until their fingers bleed, touring iconic musical destinations, and spending every free minute itching to pick up their instrument of choice, they don't usually include music into their morning rituals as part of an effective way of setting an upbeat and positive tone for the day. Yet music can set a great foundation for an enjoyable morning experience!

Listening to soothing, uplifting music has been shown to lower cortisol (the stress hormone), improve moods and increase happiness and productivity. What are you waiting for? Listen now!

Focus@Will can help you discover music that best meets your needs--or simply start your day off right by adding to your playlist of favorite songs or soothing nature sounds. Focus@Will helps refocus the mind while invigorating the body after a restful sleep, so why not start off your day right with some tunes and smiles!

4. Eat a Healthy Breakfast

Eat a balanced and energizing breakfast to set yourself up for an unburdened and productive day ahead. A meal rich in proteins, fats, and carbs such as yogurt with fruit and nuts, oatmeal with milk and almonds, or eggs on whole-grain toast is sure to do just the trick for ensuring an energy-boosting morning meal!

Practice smiling in the mirror: Try smiling as frequently as possible in front of a mirror to strengthen facial muscles while making smiling more natural over time. Doing this may even lead to increased self-confidence when smiling is seen by others!

Record the things that bring joy every day by keeping a journal or using apps such as Abide to document them. Learn more about its benefits by reading our blog article "Journaling for the Soul."

5. Take a Bath or Shower

Temperature changes can help stimulate nerves and produce endorphins naturally - something to consider prior to important events like job interviews or date nights. Adding this ritual may prove especially helpful.

Make time to listen to upbeat, soothing music while showering or bathing, as well as on your commute to work - songs that lift your mood can set the stage for an enjoyable and stress-free day ahead!

First thing in the morning, turn off your smartphone (unless necessary for alarm clock use). Otherwise, the first thing you'll see when waking up could be an overwhelming barrage of Twitter rants, horror news articles, and unpleasant YouTube comments that can lead to unnecessary stress. Make an effort only to view positive things when first awakening.

6. Get Dressed

Many people view mornings with mixed feelings; however, starting your day on an upbeat note can help set the stage for a happier and more fulfilling day ahead. Even if your job or commute is less-than-ideal, making sure to wear comfortable attire and pack your lunch is an important step toward being ready and effective when heading out the door is essential to feeling happier during your workday.

For those struggling to wake up on time or get through their morning preparations on time, try keeping outfits pre-picked and hanging them up on your closet door for easier morning preparations. Also, try drinking a glass of water as soon as you wake up to stay hydrated throughout the day and prevent dehydration or fatigue from setting in.

7. Drink a Glass of Water

Drinking a glass of water first thing in the morning is one of the best things you can do for both your body and your smile. Not only does it jump-start your metabolism, but it can also set the tone for a stress-free and positive day ahead. Make this part of your morning ritual by keeping water handy; making this the first thing you reach for every morning! It may also help if you practice smiling before showering or dressing - this will get your facial muscles used to smiling naturally over time, and become easier over time. You could keep a "Reasons to Smile" journal that keeps track of those moments that bring smiles from momentary occurrences throughout the day!

8. Make a To-Do List

If your mornings begin on an unpleasant note--being curt to loved ones and looking at clouds as though they have an unfortunate hospital corner--then perhaps it's time for you to establish a more positive morning routine. Shifting your mindset could transform relationships with those closest to you and allow you to seize each momentous opportunity presented before you.

Stop checking email and calendar as soon as you wake up - instead spend some time each morning making a list of priorities for the day, which will help prevent feeling overwhelmed or off track, as well as provide clarity regarding what needs to be completed. Your list can either be simple list form or include more specific tasks and details.

9. Say “Good Morning”

Saying, "Good Morning!" to your co-workers can help create an encouraging work environment. Saying such greetings expresses appreciation for them being present and shows your delight that they've arrived!

Although not everyone enjoys rising early and saying hello first thing in the morning, it is still important to find ways to greet coworkers and show that you care by offering professional good morning wishes that make them feel appreciated and special.

To brighten their day even more, send some of these funny good morning messages - they will certainly appreciate them! These also serve as great ways to show how much you care, making their day that much brighter. Here are some of our favorite good morning messages.

10. Call a Loved One

Happier people know it's essential to begin each day on an upbeat note. They usually spend some time calling or chatting with loved ones first thing in the morning to set a positive emotional tone and remind themselves of all the love and support in their lives, especially during stressful or overwhelming periods. This small daily habit is key to their happiness and success throughout the day - one of many key habits of happy people each morning!

Start off your day right with these healthy habits shared by happy people - all guaranteed to boost happiness levels.


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