Smile AM and the Art of Letting Go

Smile AM

Many of us struggle with the art of letting go, whether it's relationships, jobs, hobbies, or extra things around the home that no longer serve us well - or people. Even people we've outgrown can be hard to leave behind.

However, eliminating stressors that can be eliminated is vitally important for your health. Recognizing what could potentially be considered stressors is the first step toward eliminating them in your life.

Letting Go of Unnecessary Stressors

Resilience to inevitable stresses in life is important, but eliminating unnecessary ones is equally as critical. This includes both small matters like worrying what others think or overanalyzing every negative tweet on social media as well as larger problems such as unhealthy relationships, toxic friendships, and self-defeating habits that may exist within relationships or friendships.

Many people struggle to let go of things that hold them back - whether that be relationships, jobs, or lifestyle choices. Although breaking free might feel risky or selfish at first glance, remembering that only you are standing between you and moving on can truly stop any progress being made forward.

One reason it is often difficult to let go is due to our attachments of meaning to people, situations, and objects. When trying to let go of an ex, for instance, it can be easy to convince ourselves they were the only person who ever brought happiness - thinking like this can create more stress than relief. To successfully let go and move on is often best achieved through finding ways to change these patterns of thought that have caused so much heartache in your life.

Once we make the commitment to change, it may take a bit of time for momentum to build up, but by reminding ourselves it is for our own health and well-being, it becomes easier. Once something is let go, the journey toward creating a more fulfilling and balanced lifestyle begins in earnest.

Fear might make this feel terrifying or complicated, yet taking the leap is courageous and takes great courage. Listening to what feels right for you may not make sense to everyone else but following what's inside is essential in making life-altering decisions that lead to happiness.

Embracing a Lighter, More Positive Outlook on Life

Living today can be exhausting and distressing, with constant activity that leaves little time for reflection or restorative rest. Our busy lifestyles often leave no time for ourselves; often leading us down paths toward burnout and depression that affect every aspect of life. A positive outlook may not solve all your problems immediately, but can certainly make life less overwhelming.

As part of your freedom to choose, you must recognize that your thoughts and beliefs are under your control. You have the power to either view life through a dark lens of everything being terrible all of the time - giving rise to negative thinking - or through one in which things change occasionally but it's okay because everything has ups and downs which gives rise to a more optimistic perspective.

If you find yourself suffering from an unhealthy mindset, take some time to reflect on what causes discomfort and consider whether it truly brings you joy. You might be amazed at just how many things that seem important may not bring any real benefits; holding onto things that used to bring happiness may actually just slow your progress toward shore - removing dead weight will allow for new opportunities that will bring greater contentment and fulfillment in life.

Take the First Step Today

First steps can often be the hardest, yet they're crucial for progress. From starting a new habit that transforms your life to greeting someone new or initiating job interviews - taking that initial step will set in motion an endless stream of further steps along your journey to finding your own place in this world.

Being aware is also the first step toward letting go of everything that's holding you back, from possessions, relationships, and beliefs that limit you. Letting go can take time - perhaps it even gets worse before it improves - but eventually, your attitude and perspective shift will help you let go of everything holding you back.

Parker Finn's film does a terrific job of depicting trauma and exploring its consequences, using classic psychological horror tropes to suspense its audience without exploitation or shallowness. While there are jump scares and some violent scenes comparable to Ari Aster blockbusters, their violent impact adds nothing unnecessary or gratuitous; rather it serves to advance Rose's narrative further and further our understanding of her mental condition.

Families can discuss how the movie depicts trauma and its effects on daily lives, the importance of letting go and moving on after trauma, and the significance of having healthy boundaries between relationships and seeking assistance when necessary.

At times it can be easy to forget that we're only mortal; therefore we must accept change rather than resist it. Learning to let go will set you up for greater success than any other skill and is key to living a healthier and happier lifestyle. So take the first step today - who knows where it might lead?


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