Morning Magic - Unlocking the Secrets to a Great Start

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No matter your personality type, mornings set the pace for your entire day. A morning routine that incorporates healthy practices can help boost performance, mood, and overall health.

Avoid pressing snooze or hastening up from bed by trying these simple strategies: Set an alarm for sunrise.

1. Wake Up to Nature

Try to wake up to sounds that make you feel connected with nature, such as listening to a soothing stream or bird song, to help relax, release stress, and prepare for meditation - and set the stage for an incredible day full of positive intentions and calm energy!

Another morning magic trick is exposing yourself to bright white light immediately upon awakening. Opening your curtains or turning on bright indoor lights to sunlight has been scientifically proven to increase alertness and turn off melatonin production in your brain, making waking up easier.

One effective way to experience nature at night is taking a nighttime walk through your backyard or out under the stars. Not only does this stimulate your senses, but staring down at nature allows you to see it with fresh eyes; your busy eyes will start recognizing movement like that of a hummingbird or wind through trees - creating an indescribably satisfying feeling of wonderment!

Wake up to birds singing or the soothing sound of water running over rocks as a soothing start to your day, rather than checking emails or social media first thing in the morning. By starting your day with taking good care of yourself in mind, you will be more equipped to deal with whatever challenges might arise throughout your day.

2. Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Scientists to CEOs agree: A morning routine is key to success. Yet it can be easy to hit snooze instead, feeling as if your day has taken control rather than vice versa.

There are simple strategies you can employ to start each day off right. By adopting some new habits or altering your sleep routine, you may discover the keys to an unforgettable start.

Sleep can bring many advantages, with one of the main ones being giving your mind and body time to rejuvenate itself. Without adequate quality rest, your mental and physical health could suffer, and creating healthy sleeping habits such as not using screens or electronics before bed can help ensure you receive all of the rest that your body requires.

Forming and practicing a morning routine that works for you empowers you to take control of your day, improve health and productivity while setting positive intentions and energy for each day. Doing this means more time can be dedicated towards tasks at hand as you live life by design!

3. Eat a Healthy Breakfast

At breakfast time, it's vital that your body gets all of the energy it needs for the day ahead. Try including protein, fiber-rich carbohydrates and healthy fats into your breakfast meals for optimal performance.

Protein is essential to maintaining balanced blood sugar levels and feeling full when eating. To protect our health and reduce saturated fat consumption, it's wise to steer clear of processed meats such as sausage and bacon that contain high concentrations of saturated fats and sodium.

Carbs are another essential element of a well-rounded breakfast, and whole grain varieties should always take precedence over processed versions such as breads and cereals made with enriched flour. You should also try including fruits and veggies - perhaps by having some fresh berries with your breakfast smoothie? - which can quickly give your day the boost it needs!

Breakfast should include lean proteins to promote overall good health. Registered dietitian nutritionist Bansari Acharya suggests including protein at every meal, including breakfast. Protein sources help with muscle recovery while supporting normal blood sugar levels and helping you to start your day right!

At breakfast time, choose protein sources like eggs, chia pudding, nut butter on whole wheat toast, fruit smoothies with protein powder or even veggie omelets as good protein sources. Be mindful when selecting packaged foods because many contain hidden sugars that can spike blood sugar quickly. Read labels before purchasing anything you eat or drink at breakfast.

4. Exercise

Exercise can be a wonderful way to feel accomplished and boost energy, but its quality matters as much. From moving & seated meditation classes to sweaty gym workouts, an hour of activity can set the tone for the rest of your day.

Maryse Cardin is an author, communications teacher and self-talk facilitator residing in West Vancouver, Canada. Her book 5-Minute Morning Magic helps readers discover how positive self-talk can increase confidence, resolve and self-love for successful life goals. Discover more at MAGIC Mornings!

5. Take a Bath or Shower

Twinings has products to help create your ideal morning routine with soft, smooth skin and the scent of your favourite body wash - giving your morning an excellent start! We understand the small details matter when it comes to creating the ideal shower/bath experience - from soaps & body washes, through body brush sets & scrubs, body lotions & oils and more - Twinings has what you need for creating that luxurious feeling every time!

No matter which option you opt for - shower or tub - both can provide great health benefits. Hygiene should always come first. So long as you take time to wash yourself carefully after each option chosen, both should work just fine.

As an adult with bills to pay and schedules to fulfill, taking time for yourself may seem like an indulgence that is simply out of reach. Yet taking an afternoon bath, perhaps with herbal tea in hand and relaxing music playing can do wonders to boost your spirits.

Researchers have also discovered that taking a cool down shower (when you switch the hot water off and let its temperature fall) can stimulate natural endorphins in your brain, giving your skin a glowy look before an evening out or job interview. Morning Magic provides all the keys to unlock a successful start - with simple but powerful self-talk messages designed to uplift and inspire, plus thoughtful questions that help reveal all you can achieve - providing encouragement towards reaching your dreams.

6. Get Outside

A morning routine may work perfectly for some, while others need something different. High-powered professionals with nontraditional schedules may find the idea of journal-breakfast-workout regiment unrealistic; nonetheless, creating a regular rhythm in their day helps build discipline, which in turn motivates them to work long into the night with confidence.

For those having trouble breaking free of their routines, starting off by engaging in an outdoor activity they truly love is key to breaking out of a rut. Walking enthusiasts might try starting with hikes before exploring your neighborhood; kayakers or canoeists might consider kayaking or canoeing as another form of exploration; for those drawn to watersports such as kayaking and canoeing there's always kayaking or canoeing available! With plenty of activities out there to try - and an outside time tracker handy - when seeing your progress every week it can keep motivation alive!


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