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Daybreaker and Morning Gloryville morning dance parties have become incredibly popular with both health-minded 20-somethings and retired clubbers who no longer partake in all-night partying. These parties focus on awakening, community, and having fun - ideal for health-conscious 20-somethings and retired clubbers looking for new activities!

Creating a Playlist

An epic dance party wouldn't be complete without an energetic playlist featuring your favorite tunes, whether that means sober partying or simply upping your energy levels with music that makes you feel as though you're floating on air.

If you have seen Matilda or The Princess Diaries, chances are this song by a Pennsylvania band from the 1990s may sound familiar to you. With its catchy melody featuring whistling and flute solos that will leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized, this tune may help take your mind off a day's work and leave you feeling inspired and uplifted.

This upbeat and fun song boasts a lively beat and inspiring lyrics about finding hope - making it ideal for dancing parties to help prepare yourself for each day ahead.

At first, it may seem strange to listen to hip hop at 7 a.m., but this song can transform you into dancing on air! A Philadelphia-based band created this energetic track which will have you moving and shaking in no time!

This classic track by Harris will get any dance party moving. His soulful vocals paired with happy humming are guaranteed to have your feet moving and your heart singing along - this track takes us back to an era where hip hop and R&B were reigning supreme genres.

If you are a 20-something health-minded clubber no longer interested in all-night parties, then morning dance events like Daybreaker or Morning Gloryville could be right up your alley. These sunrise parties have recently emerged in major cities around the country and attract healthy millennials who wish to kickstart their days with some lively fun.

Have a Solo Dance Party in Your Living Room

House music, bright lights and dancing bodies may not be your usual morning scene, but they are becoming increasingly common at sunrise dance parties called Daybreaker or Morning Gloryville. These sunrise dance parties have gained worldwide acclaim due to health-minded 20-somethings and retiree clubbers no longer interested in all-night partying.

Solo Moms often struggle to find time to exercise between children, work and household tasks. Throwing a dance party is an effective way of getting some movement going while having fun with family.

Play feel-good pop and dance tunes by Tones and I, Maren Morris and more to turn any space into an impromptu social dancing session on Saturday night. For added fun, download Just Dance on PlayStation, Wii, or Xbox - its moves-based songs provide a fun way to learn new dance moves together with friends!

Warm up by playing Super Simple Puppets song; this kid version of Hokey Pokey will get everyone feeling lively and ready to dance! Next, move onto Alphabet Swing which provides dancers an opportunity to practice their free dance moves before ending your party with Grand Finale Jellyfish; this call-and-response song features moves built right into its lyrics so dancers can follow along and turn themselves into swimming jellyfish - you'll be spent by the time this one song ends! Be sure to get photos or else it won't happen!

Invite a Friend

Dance Parties can be more enjoyable when shared amongst friends. Invite some of your best and most enthusiastic dancers for some serious dancing action! Try including both socialization-oriented friends as well as dance enthusiasts; this will help to balance out energy levels during dancing sessions. Creating an invitation video might even work!

House music, vibrant lights, and dancing bodies may not be your typical weekday morning scene; but this trend is quickly gaining steam among health-minded 20-somethings and retired clubbers who no longer prefer all-nightops partying. Morning dance parties such as Daybreaker and Morning Gloryville are becoming more and more popular as the "conscious clubbing movement" grows worldwide.

Your party may be so intense that it takes you a few moments to reassure yourself that lack of sleep didn't lead to hallucinations; thankfully there are numerous photo ops for documenting the experience and showing your friends that yes, you really went out dancing at 7am!

Be polite when declining an invitation. If other obligations prevent you from attending, make a compelling excuse and refuse the invite as politely as possible. Rejecting it rudely won't do you any good and may leave the host unsatisfied; thus it is wiser to decline with reasons such as "I can't do that" or "I'm not in the mood".

Have a Group Dance Party

House music, bright lights and dancing bodies don't typically connote morning festivities - but for health-minded 20-somethings and retirees no longer keen on all night partying, Sunrise dance parties like Daybreaker are growing increasingly popular worldwide.

This global community of 500,000 members has taken the energy and inclusivity of nightclubs and added it to their weekly morning routines, but with healthy food, fruit smoothies and coffee as fuel.

As part of your group dance party, consider adding in some exciting dance games that will get people moving and laughing - such as name tag swap. Before your party begins, write down several specific details that pertain to each guest (such as "kid with a ponytail" or "person wearing glasses") and place these into a hat; draw names randomly with music playing until one person with that specific hat must leave until its next stoppage.

Or try your luck at dancing-themed Spin the Bottle. For an elegant goth dance party experience, book a Peerspace venue like this dark artistic studio space in Allston, MA from Peerspace; decorate your space with black paint, mirrored walls, and lots of bright lights to give it that club feel!

Keep your group of dancers happy by learning a line dance together. Billy Ray Cyrus' Cotton Eye Joe line dance is ideal for group dance parties. Its simple steps allow even your more reserved dancers to follow along easily; plus its many skips and jumps will certainly get the blood pumping!


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