The Ultimate Morning Routine for a Smile AM: Tips for Starting Your Day Right

Smile AM

Every morning routine can help set the foundation for a productive day - but how can we build one into our routines?

Start each morning off right with an AM Smile by writing out your to-do list - writing helps clear away mental clutter and instill a sense of achievement! Next, add some fun! Studies demonstrate the positive influence smiling can have.

1. Listen to Music

Music is a lifestyle for musicians. They practice until their fingers bleed, dream of iconic musical locations, and spend every waking moment itching to play their instrument. Musicians know the power of music can change their mood, make them happier, and even increase productivity; whether listening to a playlist on their way to work or setting their favorite tune as their alarm, music plays an integral part in their daily ritual, ensuring they wake up feeling inspired and ready to face each day ahead.

Sitting quietly when first awakening can be tempting, but that can only invite your mind and body back into sleep mode. Instead, listening to music is much better suited to stimulating both your brain and body to stay awake for the day ahead. Listening to any genre will do; research indicates that slower beats help relax both body and mind so you can focus on what matters. White noise, nature sounds or meditation apps like Focus@Will are also effective options.

Music therapy has many healing capabilities and is used in all kinds of circumstances to benefit individuals of all ages in different ways. From soothing young children to helping stroke victims and those living with Parkinson's, its benefits extend far and wide. Music can reduce pain and anxiety while relieving depression symptoms; its production of feel-good hormones such as dopamine and serotonin production also helps boost well-being - this explains why music therapy has become such an integral part of so many treatments, from soothing infants to stroke victims and Parkinson's patients.

So if you're a musician struggling to find happiness in the mornings, try turning on some music that makes you happy and see if that brings any relief - you might just be amazed at its positive effects on your day! Bright Side offers more reasons why listening to music in the morning can give a happy and productive start to your day; so whether you're hitting snooze button after snooze button, turn your favorite tune on now and witness how it changes it for good!

2. Exercise

No matter the time of day you prefer to rise and shine, having a morning routine can make your life happier and healthier, helping you to achieve more during the day and be more productive overall.

Start each morning off right by starting with a healthy breakfast! This could include anything from toast and water to an extravagant smoothie or bowl of cereal - eating nutritious food will provide energy throughout your day.

Exercise should also be an integral component of a morning routine, and can help boost your mood and ease anxiety and stress levels. Exercise doesn't need to be intense - just taking a short stroll or engaging in light yoga stretches could do.

Rushing your workout can make you more stressed and anxious, so taking your time and going at your own pace is always best. Morning people may find this easier; otherwise, take your time!

Before beginning your day, technology should take its proper place and let go of being your focus for at least an hour or so in the morning. Doing this can help to better focus on what's really important - and ultimately enhance it all throughout your day!

Start each day off right by performing an act of kindness. Giving someone a compliment, smiling at your coworker, or buying someone coffee can instantly improve your mood - not to mention helping form positive mindsets and change neural pathways to become happier and content! Doing one good deed each day will rewire your brain for greater happiness.

3. Spend Time with Family

Play a board game, take a long walk together, or simply read a book - incorporating quality family time into your morning routine can bring many benefits for all members of the household. Use this as an opportunity to reconnect if something unexpected (such as snow days) arises - keeping everyone focused on what's most important while reinforcing communication between members of the family.

Spending quality time with your family can bring great rewards. Children from happy, well-adjusted households tend to do better at school and possess higher self-esteem, as well as turn to healthy coping mechanisms when encountering challenges - such as talking through them with loved ones. Spending quality time together also teaches children the value of strong relationships while providing essential emotional support during difficult times.

Recent surveys show that Americans rank spending time with family as one of the most essential elements in life, outranking work and personal hobbies. It is vital to create and adhere to a regular family time routine in order to build lasting memories.

Hitting the snooze button too many times and rising quickly can leave you feeling anxious, stressed, and overworked before your day has even begun. For optimal results, aim to wake up at a reasonable hour and take it slowly; new habits can be tricky to incorporate, but give it time - usually around two months for them to become second nature! Start small by starting with one or two new habits at first before adding more over time.

If you don't already have one, creating a morning routine could be worth your while! By setting goals and creating a routine that you are committed to, establishing one will help motivate and set off your day off right. Don't feel like 4am is necessary in order to have an efficient morning - find a time and day that work for both you and your family; feel free to get creative; it could even include yoga or even playing board games!

4. Smile AM

Smiles may be infectious, but did you know they can also make us feel good? Smiling sends signals to the brain telling it things are okay which then releases endorphins that act as natural mood boosters to combat stress and lower blood pressure - so when feeling down simply smile!

Even when your mood isn't the greatest, try forcing yourself to smile regularly - studies show it boosts mental health as well as the immune system! Studies also demonstrate the positive health outcomes of regular smiling.

Smiling can help alleviate stress, so making sure it becomes part of your regular routine is essential to keeping a happy attitude and managing stress effectively. Starting by looking in the mirror or making conscious efforts to smile more throughout your day could make all the difference, or set an image or photo reminding you of something funny as a daily reminder to bring a smile into your life!

As well as doing something nice for others, you could also engage in acts of kindness to make someone's day brighter. Even something as simple as wishing your friends and family a happy birthday or buying coffee for someone behind you in line can do just that - not only will this benefit others around you but it may rewire your brain in search of supportive acts that bring greater happiness into your own life!

If you find it hard to smile when getting out of bed, try practicing a fake smile. Sit or lie down and close your eyes; relax all facial muscles; turn up corners of mouth slowly - this is known as a half-smile; just enough for neuropeptides (chemical messengers that reduce stress levels) to release.

Reciting positive affirmations or reading an inspiring quote before leaving your house can set an uplifting and hopeful tone for the remainder of your day, giving you something positive to work toward no matter what comes your way. Furthermore, this exercise helps clear away clutter in your mind while simultaneously preparing you for new challenges that lie ahead.


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