Surprising Sources of Morning Smiles: Unexpected Ways to Brighten Your AM

Smile AM

How you start each day can have a dramatic effect on how the rest of it goes. Finding ways to increase your happiness while protecting your smile can help make every day enjoyable while feeling great too!

Happiness may seem hard to come by, but adding positive thoughts and humor into your mornings may bring greater happiness levels. Here are a few strategies for adding joy:

1. Listen to Music

One simple way to bring joy and smiles into your morning is by listening to music. Even if it's something from an old birthday party songbook or from your favorite film soundtrack, hearing feel-good music can put a spring in your step and help lift your mood.

Listening to music raises dopamine levels in your brain, elevating mood and increasing happiness. Exercise to music or simply enjoy it during leisure time - studies have proven that listening to music makes people both happier and healthier. Furthermore, music helps with focus and concentration - business owners often play it in stores or office buildings to boost employee morale and concentration levels.

Music can have a powerful emotional effect on us and can turn even mundane errands or long road trips into memorable experiences that will last a lifetime.

When you need an instant dose of joy, turn up the tunes and dance without fear. You might just find yourself smiling and tapping your feet while driving!

Music can transport us back to some of our happiest memories and provide a boost of happiness and joy. Studies have proven this; so sit back, put on your favorite '80s hits or country classics and let nostalgia wash over you for a little while!

2. Clean Your Space

Clutter can create more than an unpleasant aesthetic: Clutter may lead to confusion, feeling overwhelmed, and difficulty focusing on specific tasks. Studies have also linked disorganization to a decreased sense of well-being as well as an inability to regulate emotions such as anxiety and depression.

As such, cleaning can be a truly uplifting activity when seen as an opportunity to make your environment more welcoming and healthy - not to mention saving you time in the long run. Godding explains: "If items have their proper places and are put away soon after use, you won't waste precious minutes searching for missing shoes or a watch before having to rush out the door," and saving time along the way.

"Temptation bundling," suggests Susan: Pair a pleasurable activity--such as listening to music or podcasts, reading a book, or socializing--with the necessary task (decluttering). Or create small rewards along the way such as scheduling a massage after finishing up in your kitchen or rewarding yourself with pastry upon conquering your closet.

Tokos suggests starting by clearing away any visible clutter like books, papers, and cups from your bed or table before moving onto more emotionally charged spaces like photos, memorabilia, and your kids' art and schoolwork. Once the things that no longer serve you have been cleared away, focus on those areas that matter most - fresh air will enter a clean space which in turn purifies your mind!

3. Watch a Joke

When you're feeling overwhelmed, laughter is a great way to break free from negative self-talk and release pent-up nervous energy - both benefits that contribute positively to physical and mental well-being.

If you tend not to be easily lighthearted, try practicing finding humor by reading jokes, watching comedy films, listening to humorous music or memes, and exploring memes online. Doing this may help develop a sense of levity you never had before as well as make you more conscious of finding humor in everyday experiences.

Happiness and laughter can spread easily; try sharing some with strangers by flashing a friendly smile even when it may not come naturally to you. Doing this can help foster better connections between people, even those who do not reciprocate your grin may be surprised to find themselves feeling better after seeing yours!

Try learning from children, who are adept at finding humor in everyday events and finding enjoyment in them. They will teach you to see humor where none exists and to appreciate all that life offers us every day.

If you need some inspiration for starting off the day right, here are our favorite jokes to start your morning right! From knock-knock jokes and puns, these humorous pieces of text will surely put a smile on your face and bring laughter - perfect for children, coworkers or yourself. Share them with friends as a great way of continuing the laughter; we guarantee they'll appreciate being treated to some hilarious good morning jokes in their inbox each morning!

4. Go for a Walk

No matter if it's a brisk walk-to-jog pace or just a leisurely stroll, walking will bring joy and smiles into your day. Walking is a low-impact activity suitable for people of all ages and physical abilities - making it a fantastic way to work up a sweat without exhausting yourself too quickly!

If you find yourself getting bored easily, change up your route and look at different sights around you; or listen to different podcasts, audiobooks, or music - perhaps make it your goal to listen to something different every morning for added variety and keeping things exciting!

One of the easiest and most accessible ways to practice mindfulness is during a walk, which heightens your senses and brings the present into focus. You can do this alone or with someone you care for - either way, it provides an ideal opportunity for connection!

Habit trackers can help maximize the dopamine-boosting benefits of morning walks by helping you tick them off your to-do list each morning. Just make sure not to use this as an excuse not to meet other important habits like drinking enough water and exercising regularly.

Early morning exercise can do more than boost your mood; it also boosts productivity. Studies have revealed that those who exercise before work report greater problem-solving, decision-making, and cognitive flexibility than those who work out later in the day. Furthermore, exercising early may even help you sleep better at night as sunlight helps set your circadian rhythm and improve the overall quality of sleep.

5. Do Something Unusual

Avoid being distracted by emails and social media as soon as you wake up by taking time for yourself in the form of self-focus exercises and positive self-talk, including creating an uplifting mantra and giving yourself a smile cue (such as hearing a favorite song in the background or seeing someone smiling photos online) so that smiling is part of everyday life!

Find reasons to be happy, such as a promotion at work, a new car purchase, or a vacation trip - but don't overlook the small pleasures that can also bring happiness: the sweet taste of coffee or tea, brilliant pink-orange sunrise streaked across the sky, or simply breathing fresh morning air can all bring pleasure that can help turn any frown upside-down!

While consuming too much soda and energy drinks can have devastating effects on the health of your teeth, giving up this beverage may bring relief to many people. Soda contains acids and carbonation that damage enamel erosion, gum recession, and even jawbone recession over time.

Soda can make you look older and less appealing over time, especially if consumed on an ongoing basis. A balanced diet rich in water and whole fruits is important in providing your smile with essential vitamins and nutrients needed to remain strong and beautiful; you could try healthier alternatives to soda like herbal tea or fruit smoothies that may taste slightly less enjoyable but will do much more good for both your smile and environment!


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