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No matter, if it be journaling or creating a vision board, beginning your day off right by engaging in something creative, can help keep you feeling motivated throughout the day. Many high-achieving individuals credit their morning routine as helping them be more productive.

Try this art project by printing out a full-body photo and taking a walk around to collect natural elements such as leaves, twigs, flowers, and bark for this activity. Press all these items together with heavy books to create unique colorful works of art!


Drawing is an enjoyable and relaxing way to start the day off right. All it requires is some paper and pencil/marker; plus your imagination! Drawing allows you to escape the worries or stress of everyday life.

Drawing is an activity that promotes mindfulness and can be an excellent way to remove tension or anxiety and lift mood. Furthermore, drawing is an effective way of communicating emotions without verbal words being necessary - ideal for those who struggle with verbal communication skills.

Strengthen the visual cortex in your brain that processes visual information, helping improve your vision and preventing eye strain in the future. Drawing is also a great way to strengthen focus, attention span, and concentration since drawing requires considerable concentration while you attempt to convey what's in your head onto paper accurately. Since drawing can require this much concentration and can easily distract us, many people enjoy doing "Morning Pages," an exercise popularized by Julia Cameron's book The Artist's Way as a practice that helps people stay on task without becoming distracted from an empty page without getting distracted! To keep focused, many enjoy "Morning Pages," an activity practiced throughout their day by Julia Cameron herself in her book The Artist's Way which involves drawing one blank page after another until completed and signed off on.

Writing three pages of stream-of-consciousness thoughts and observations every morning can be both therapeutic and creatively liberating, leading to major breakthroughs throughout your day like new ideas for your business or solutions to an ongoing problem. Writing can also bring pride in yourself for having accomplished something tangible while increasing self-confidence - something many entrepreneurs rely on this practice for to keep their minds clear and stay on task throughout the day.


Painting can help unleash your creative side while also relieving stress. Scripps Affiliated Medical Groups' research suggests that people who paint experience an increase in dopamine after finishing a piece, providing an additional source of motivation and self-esteem boosts.

Painting is an expressive language that allows you to communicate nonverbally about various topics. Your paintings can provide insights into politics, culture, history, and education - as well as provide entertainment!

Painting requires creativity to overcome challenges in their work, which helps develop an adaptable mindset that can aid them when confronted with daily obstacles in life. For instance, if a painting doesn't go according to plan, adapt quickly by thinking outside the box in order to produce something extraordinary and take pride in producing something different than anticipated - an invaluable lesson we all can apply elsewhere! It may not always be easy - but taking this journey towards realizing your artistic potential is well worth your while!


Making something with your hands can be an excellent way to engage all five senses, boost mindfulness, and build self-esteem. Additionally, creating something can also be a fantastic way to relieve stress, which is especially useful when feeling stuck. If you need an outlet that will help decompress, why not consider crocheting or knitting as ways of making art and relaxing at the same time?

Reading can be an extremely creative activity that provides a mental break from all of the information on our phones and computers. Not only can reading help you unwind by opening up new worlds and perspectives, but it can also spark ideas for future projects.

Julia Cameron, author of The Artist's Way, popularized a morning page exercise to help unburden themselves of anxiety before beginning their day and being more productive. It involves writing three pages of stream-of-consciousness writing every morning before doing anything else; its goal is to clear away mental clutter so you can be more efficient later.

Your morning pages should never be read later on; their purpose is simply to capture all your thoughts without filtering or editing them. Even if it makes no sense or contains none of your best ideas, that is okay.

Setting small, attainable goals that make you feel successful at the end of your morning routine is essential to building momentum and maintaining motivation for the remainder of the day. Setting a bed-making or sending one email goal can give you something tangible to work toward during this routine, helping to boost motivation levels throughout your day.

Listening to Music

Listening to music can quickly lift one's mood and energy when the morning is already hectic. Playlists of upbeat tunes can set a positive atmosphere and improve performance; studies have also proven this type of music increases productivity while decreasing anxiety and stress levels, stimulating motor actions, emotions, and creativity in the brain.

This activity can be done individually or with an entire class. Simply ask students to listen to a piece of music and draw what it makes them think about; or provide musical categories (pitch, rhythm, and harmony) for them as guides. Challenge your students to come up with answers no one else might consider or answer the question "If this music were a story" (check out John Kratus for inspiration here).

If you need to focus on something that requires concentration, try listening to instrumental music as a way of blocking out distractions and increasing concentration. Research has indicated that instrumental music has an even stronger effect on creativity than other genres - for instance classical music has been found to foster divergent thinking which allows individuals to generate more creative ideas when performing similar tasks in silence.

Find one small task to tackle first thing in the morning that will give you a sense of accomplishment and momentum for the rest of the day and complete it successfully - music, writing in your journal or taking five minutes to set your goals could all work great ways! Doing this will set an awesome foundation to get things going in your day.


Reading can be an enjoyable and therapeutic activity that helps clear your mind, improve focus, and expand knowledge and abilities. Reading can also help develop new abilities; self-help books provide ample motivational material. Furthermore, fiction offers the possibility of escape into an imaginary world full of victorious knights, magical empresses, and rebellious maids who all offer escape.

Writing Morning Pages has quickly become one of the most beloved morning routine ideas around, thanks to author Julia Cameron and her book The Artist's Way. This method involves writing three pages of stream-of-consciousness writing every day before starting anything else - the purpose being releasing anxiety by venting it onto paper. There are no rules other than to write three pages each day; so you can write whatever is on your mind: worries, banalities, silliness, observations, complaints or judgments! Longhand writing may make this easier since it makes self-censorship harder while writing!

Establishing a healthy and consistent daily routine can help you feel more productive throughout the day and set you up for success. From journalling, Morning Pages writing, doing short yoga routines or simply making your bed, beginning each day on an accomplished note can make you feel in control of your life and improve your mood - these small habits and tricks will allow you to kick-start each day on an uplifting note that will have lasting repercussions throughout your life.

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