Morning Inspiration - The Stories of People Who Found Their Smile AM

Smile AM

Healthy and content people don't let negative news affect them negatively. Instead, they turn off push notifications on their phone and focus on more positive stories rather than the latest headlines.

Take time to look in the mirror and smile - this simple act can retrain their brains to look at life more optimistically.

1. Listen to Music

Music can help elevate your mood, revitalize you, and rejuvenate even the worst day. Additionally, music has been shown to improve focus, reduce blood pressure, and even help people sleep more soundly. Music is an incredible tool you can use each morning to set yourself off on the right note!

Start each morning off right by listening to some music that brings joy - this can stimulate your brain, prompting it into higher gear and speeding up achievement of the tasks on your to-do list.

Many creative people find the morning to be their optimal time for work. Ernest Hemingway wrote early in the morning in hopes that his ideas would develop over time as he wrote. Additionally, listening to music while working can help stimulate your thoughts so they can blossom into creative ones.

If you're in a rush, listen to fast music or upbeat songs to energize you while soothing classical or acoustic music can reduce stress and relax your body. Sing along; singing has been proven to decrease cortisol levels which could compromise immune functioning.

2. Send a Sweet Message

Mornings can be an ideal opportunity to make significant decisions, find your purpose, or discover creativity. They can also serve as a time when you can boost your mood and spread joy to others. So instead of hitting the snooze button after waking up feeling lousy or rushing out the door in a rush, try reading some inspiring quotes to set the stage for an incredible day ahead!

Once you find one that speaks to you, use it as a motivational mantra and read it daily - just a few minutes every day can have an immense positive effect on your mindset! And that is certainly something worth celebrating.

If these quotes have inspired you, why not share them with someone else? Sending a quick text can be the perfect way to show someone that you care and want them to have an excellent day! Even better yet if you include an adorable photo; that will make the message all the more poignant! Just remember to keep texts short and sweet to ensure maximum impactful messages!

3. Do Something You Love

Life requires us to do many necessary things, like going to work every day or caring for children. That doesn't mean there's no time left over for things we enjoy - finding that thing and making it part of your routine is the perfect way to start off on the right foot!

Some find their daily motivation in exercise, reading a book, or engaging in their favorite hobby; for others, it could be something as simple as getting up earlier to enjoy morning silence or having coffee with friends. Whatever it may be for you, make it part of your morning ritual so that it becomes an invaluable source of daily inspiration.

Doing something you enjoy each morning can be more than just fun; it can be an effective tool to enhance your life. From setting aside an hour for yourself or spending time with someone who makes you laugh to taking care of an important side project or spending quality time with family or friends, doing what makes you happy can have long-term effects that make life happier and more productive overall.

4. Read a Self-Improvement Book

Start your day right off right by reading a self-improvement book in the morning - finding one that aligns with your goals and interests is key here while reading in an environment without distractions will allow for maximum focus on reading! Some good self-help titles to consider are The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle, The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck by Mark Manson and How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie are some great self-improvement reads that can get you reading from start.

Reading self-improvement books in the morning can help you overcome procrastination or increase productivity, by providing motivational language and practical tips to make you more efficient. These books contain motivational language that can make a significant difference to how effectively and productively you tackle life's tasks.

Plus, reading inspiring moral stories and quotes can provide a fresh perspective and new ideas that you can incorporate into your daily routine. Plus, these inspirational moral tales make great stories to share with friends and family! Also don't forget these uplifting quotes for a laugh--laughter can be one of the best forms of self-care!

5. Exercise

If you find it challenging to keep to healthy habits such as working out at night, try exercising in the morning. Not only will you complete your workout before everyone is awake; the boost in energy may even give your day a jump start!

Morning workouts are ideal for anyone seeking to boost their energy throughout their day or lose weight tone up quickly and improve overall health. If you need some motivation to start exercising daily, check out Super Trainer Jericho McMatthews' motivating morning routine - you might find just the boost you need!

Mornings can be challenging for even the most upbeat individuals, so give yourself an encouraging boost with these positive morning quotes to boost your spirits for what lies ahead. From words of wisdom to humorous insights, these encouraging sayings will inspire you to face each new day head-on.

6. Go for a Walk

Walking can be an excellent form of self-care. From listening to favorite tunes or an inspiring podcast to simply being outdoors in nature and taking advantage of all that nature offers us, walking can provide a welcome break. Walking provides the chance for your mind to wander and focus on what goals are achievable in your life; plus if it's morning walk time then perhaps the sun will even help to raise your mood!

Start the day right by going for a morning stroll - not only will it help clear your head but it can set the foundation for a successful and productive day ahead! A 2022 study published in Molecular Psychiatry demonstrated how walking helps decrease activity in brain regions that process stress, helping you think more clearly and make sound decisions throughout your day. Walking with someone like your partner or a close friend can even have additional positive benefits on mood!

Walking can also help if you're having difficulty sleeping at night - exposure to bright morning sunshine helps set your natural circadian rhythm, improving your sleep cycle and encouraging better restful nights of restful slumber. Grab your sneakers and go for a walk today!

7. Take a Bath

If you tend to hit the snooze button and wake up quickly, take time for yourself and a warm bath as a way to clear your thoughts and relax before facing another day of life's challenges. Allowing yourself time for thought clarity and relaxation helps set goals and reach your potential.

Although it might sound counterproductive, taking a bath in the morning actually helps increase productivity throughout the day. Doing so allows your mind to enter a relaxing alpha brain wave state, helping you focus on tasks at hand more easily and become part of your environment - giving both conscious and subconscious minds access to waves of positive energy emanating from it all around you.

As you prepare to face each new day, read these inspiring quotes to remind yourself that you aren't alone and can take control of any task at hand. From words of wisdom to amusing insights, these quotations will encourage you to embrace and seize every opportunity before you.


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