Smiling Through Challenges: Finding Strength in Positivity

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Smile AM: People who score highly on positivity have an inborn ability to see the good in any situation, often quick to smile and laugh, acting as natural energizers in times of challenge and lifting teams when they become discouraged.

However, their positivity does not come without challenges.

Smiling Through Challenges: Power of Positivity

Positive thinking may get a bad rap, but science backs it up. Studies suggest optimism leads to better physical health and well-being and increased resilience during challenging times. Furthermore, people's emotions have an effect on those around them; therefore it's crucial that leaders and managers embrace positivity during difficult periods.

Smiles are powerful social cues that convey empathy, openness, and positive emotion. A smile can make people feel included and validated - something which is especially crucial when dealing with customers who are having difficulties.

People who are content are also more creative, which makes a positive outlook crucial in customer service roles when coming up with innovative solutions and workarounds for issues that arise. Smiling can be one of the best ways to demonstrate such positivity.

Smiling is a learned behavior that can be practiced and strengthened over time. Start by smiling more frequently in situations that allow for this, such as taking pictures of those you care about or setting an alert on your phone to remind yourself. Visual prompts may also work to remind yourself to do it!

Focusing on things that make you happy can also help keep your mood positive, and distract you from negative thinking. Avoid situations that cause you to feel down, such as spending time with loved ones or watching uplifting TV programs, while finding joyous distractions such as meditation.

As part of your challenge to smile more often at random strangers, make an effort to smile at random strangers - for instance when shopping and you encounter an unfriendly cashier at the grocery store, give them the benefit of your positive energy by forcing a smile out of them - they might be surprised, but more than likely, they will respond positively and return it by smiling back - beginning a chain reaction of kindness that benefits all involved!

Strength in Positivity: Overcoming Obstacles

Obstacles in life and business can leave us feeling discouraged, but those with Positivity as one of their top five CliftonStrengths (formerly Gallup StrengthsFinder) strengths possess an ability to lighten others' spirits by offering solutions around obstacles they are encountering. Such people see potential instead of problems; such people have become known as "Positive Pollyannas."

When these individuals join a team, they create an atmosphere in which all members work to overcome challenges together while finding meaning and value in life's challenges.

People with Positivity in their top five have an appreciation for positivity and believe the glass is always half full. They enjoy seeing others smile and are adept at drawing out the best qualities from others. People who possess this talent have no trouble maintaining a sense of humor even during intense discussions and meetings, creating an energetic workplace atmosphere and keeping morale high.

Individuals who rank Positivity among their top five Strengths typically find the bright side in any challenge and can turn negative energy into positivity with optimism and enthusiasm. Their positive energy can bring out the best in others and recognize individual contributions, but these individuals often overlook more serious concerns involved with situations by only seeing its bright sides.

As individuals who possess this talent encounter obstacle in their lives, they will frequently turn to positivity as a source of strength. By being able to recognize and name emotions accurately, these individuals may be better at finding solutions than those who rely solely on logic alone. They will also have the capacity to break larger challenges down into smaller challenges that they can use positivity to overcome one step at a time.

Individuals who possess this strength strive to utilize it at work, in relationships and in their personal lives. To learn more about themselves and develop them further, they may take part in the CliftonStrengths assessment online and seek opportunities to bring happiness and smiles to others by seeking opportunities that bring out positive aspects in each situation while working through emotions effectively.

Navigating Hurdles: Transformative Smiling

People with Positivity as one of their core strengths appreciate the positive side of things, take pride in celebrating victories, and boost group morale. They're natural energizers in situations that slow down, as well as masterful at drawing out the best in others.

They enjoy working in informal settings and creating fun moments with their team members. Quick to share jokes and encourage others -- even during serious discussions -- they frequently say things such as, "Look on the bright side," or, "It could be worse." Their infectious energy makes being around them an absolute pleasure!

Smile to relieve stress! Not only will it lift your mood and make you more approachable and courteous; but smiling can even improve performance at work by helping to clear away clutter in your brain and boost concentration levels, as well as help navigate obstacles more smoothly by decreasing the risk of aggressive or intimidating behavior.

Positive people should strive to avoid negative people as much as possible or engage with them only when absolutely necessary. If naysayers cannot be avoided entirely, establishing a feedback mechanism with trusted allies so they become aware of just how much engagement with these negative individuals dampens their positive spirit is detrimental.

Are You Ready to Increase Your Smile & Gain Confidence? Our Free and Easy Smile Assessment can give you all of the information necessary for you to start smiling more and feeling better today. Additionally, Dr. Ada can schedule a clarity call so that she can discuss how your strengths can make you a more successful individual.

Unleashing Inner Strength: Positivity's Role

Inner strength is an ongoing journey that allows you to face life's challenges with grace and steadfastness. Mindfulness techniques and other self-development tools may assist, but ultimately it is up to each person themselves to build inner strength - as it takes time and effort to discover your individual strengths - as well as courage when using those strengths when the time arises.

An effective first step toward mental wellness is cultivating a positive mindset through meditation, gratitude practice, or encouraging others to act as sources of positivity in their lives. Having clear goals in place that enable you to make decisions that support them is also an essential component of mental wellbeing.

Positive thinking habits can also help you cope with stress, enhance relationships, and find a greater purpose. Research has even demonstrated how positive thinking can increase resistance against colds and protect from cardiovascular disease (Cherry, 2017A).

Finding inner peace is essential to developing inner strength. For some this means practicing self-discipline - such as refraining from addictive gaming behaviors like video gaming - in order to build healthy lifestyle habits; for others, this may mean pushing themselves outside their comfort zones or facing fears - activities which will strengthen resilience and grit in them as they go forward in life.

Increase your internal strength by making gratitude a top priority, or surrounding yourself with things that bring joy. Perhaps try keeping a gratitude journal or associating yourself with people or activities that bring laughter; perhaps make time to watch movies guaranteed to bring a smile or two every month?

Along with adopting a positive mindset, it's equally essential to recognize that your reactions are entirely under your control. Staying a victim or rising above and conquering these hurdles are up to you - choose strength! Stay smiling!

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